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Questions for discussion in English: Bullfighting


  • Have you ever seen bullfighting?
  • Which countries are famous for bullfighting?
  • Can you explain what happens at a bullfight?
  • Why do some people find bullfighting a wonderful spectacle?
  • Why do some people call bullfighting cruel?
  • What happens the bulls after they killed?
  • Can women be bullfighters?
  • If you don't want to ban bullfighting, would you impose restrictions on who watches this kind of sport?
  • Do you know anything about "bull-running" in Pamplona, Spain?- would you like to take part in this? Why?/ Why not?
  • Would you ban bullfighting in Spain?
  • Do you think bullfights, cockfights, dogfights, fish fights and the likes should be banned? Why?
  • How do you gamble on bullfighting?